Network Design & Control


Company Overview

NDC is a company which specializes in Data Network Design, Equipment Provision, Equipment Installation and Support.

Established in April 1996, NDC has installed over 2000 nodes of LAN connectivity since that time. NDC has become renowned for design of highly fault tolerant networks for use in many diverse environments.

Don McClintock

NDC's Principal Technologist and CEO, Don McClintock, brings 15 years of network engineering experience to the table. He gained strong Network Management Engineering expertise while employed as the product manager for Aprisma Management Technology's enterprise network management product SPECTRUM™. (Note that Aprisma has now been integrated into Computer Associates)
As branch manager for Cabletron Systems (Now Enterasys Networks) Perth, Western Australian office for two years, Don specialized in network design and provision for the diverse industries utilizing Cabletron's products in Western Australia.

Key Strengths

Network Management

Configuration & Installation

Cisco switching and routing solutions, including the Catalyst Series™ and Cisco's IOS™ are all familiar ground for NDC. We also have experience with all of the Enterasys & 3COM product range, with particular emphasis on the switching, routing, and security products in each vendor's product set.

Network Design

For all types of applications and industry groups - from fully redundant, robust designs to simple but high performance networks for SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises). Particular strengths in campus style applications using fiber-optics - both Multi-Mode and Single-Mode fiber requirements.

Network performance analysis

Problem diagnosis - NDC has test equipment and LAN Analyser products available for these activities should problems arise.


NDC remains committed to the design and provision of networks which reflect the Customer's stated requirements rather than designs reflecting what vendors consider to be "the way the industry is moving". This means that Customers get maximum network performance without implementing "fad" technologies which:

  1. add significant cost, and
  2. may become obsolete

NDC considers that network design should include elements of pragmatism and real-world applicability in order to best serve the needs of the Customer.