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LAN Design

Local Area Networks

More demands are being placed on LANs as processing power increases. Businesses are dependent on high-speed reliable bandwidth between all systems on a network. As businesses upgrade their networks, they need to allow for future growth in addition to satisfying current bandwidth needs. Sometimes, just reconfiguring existing equipment on a LAN can make things much more efficient and increase performance. And other times the entire LAN needs to be redesigned from the ground up to meet your current and future application needs.

Simplification of existing architectures

LANs can be very complex with multiple protocols, systems, and interface types all linked together. To upgrade a network while maintaining reliability can be very difficult. With the high turnover of network people, hiring someone who understands all the different aspects of an existing network is very difficult. Changing and upgrading a multi-protocol LAN can be very risky without someone who understands every protocol and service running on a network. NDC understands and support almost every operating system and protocol there is.

A new Information Architecture

Whether you are installing a new LAN from scratch or upgrading an old one, NDC can deliver a LAN design that supports all of your systems and protocols. This design will simplify your current network while maintaining scalability and reliability.
NDC's goal is to deliver a LAN design that will reduce costs, increase reliability & performance, and provide a simple management solution.