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Using the WWW to grow your business... - NDC can design a high performance web-enabled network.

Getting Started on the WWW

The World Wide Web offers most Small to Medium businesses an opportunity to offer easy access to current information about their products and services. This information dissemination is achieved with extremely low on-going costs. Large amounts of information can be easily formatted into usable and easily understood web pages. Additionally, customer education and support services are often extremely well suited to the Web.

While the web is not the be-all and end-all of marketing, and it certainly is limited to those markets whose customers have access to multimedia computing platforms, the demographics of those [potential] customers that are on-line is made up of a relative skilled, middle and upper income group. Thus it bodes well to advertise your products and services using this medium.

Steps to a well-planned Website

      Defining your site's purpose or goal
      Deciding who you wish to target
      Planning your website's features
      Establishing administrative procedures
      Establish a project plan
      Do the design
      Sell the website to the search engines
      Manage (or monitor) your responses
      Evaluate the effectiveness of your website

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