Network Design & Control


NDC Baseline analysis gives you an accurate picture of your network...

A network baseline analysis of your network provides a thorough examination of the key performance indicators in your network. Statistics are gathered from many sources, including all intelligent devices targetted, including in particular routers and switches. The SNMP groups provided by the RMON and RMON2 standards are a commonly accessible source of statistics, as most major vendors have supported this standard for some time, and there is likely to be devices already installed in your network that can provide these comprehensive statistics. See the RMON Description page for details.

Network analysis is a vital tool to help you, the network administrator, locate and handle problem areas on your network.  With this service, we come in and visit your network to gather statistical information from your intelligent network devices.  Once this is done we return to NDC's office and compile a data analysis which shows vital network statistics.  This can help pinpoint bottlenecks in data transfer, or faulty devices, which can sometimes be hard to locate due to the nature of some networks.

When the data is compiled and analysed a full report is sent to the Network Administrator for the site.  This then enables him/her to take the appropriate actions to ensure the most efficient use of network devices. This has the additional advantage of giving the Network Administrator an exterior veiw of the network, better enabling him/her to plan for expansion if & when the need arises.

Please review this example of NDCs Performance Report for an idea of the detailed information provided by a baseline analysis.

These reports should be obtained on a regular basis, however the frequency would depend on the size and growth of the network involved.  If you are interested in discussing this service then send an E-mail giving us details of how to contact you.